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Rebuilding Babylon as Global Capital - In Iraq, by US, Britain - Research Package v1


Rebuilding Babylon as Global Capital - In Iraq, by US, Britain - Research Package v1
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One hundred years ago, the proposition that ancient Babylon would be rebuilt, was preposterous. But it is being rebuilt. Many of the ancient temples and structures are standing again (including part of the "Tower of Babel from the Bible story). The ancient artifacts for this city, whose very name is religiously synonymous with "abomination" is in the later stages of loving preservation and restoration. Why?

There is a growing body of evidence that Babylon is, in fact, being prepared to become a new capital of the world - in much the same was as it was once "capital of the known world" under King Sargon and Nebuchadnezzar. Agents of the British royals may be combing through the cuneiform writings and roll-seals, looking for evidence that their blood lineage confers upon them the right to rule the world. A new vast fiber optic global communication system known as FLAG is being connected to the world's largest and most expensive U.S. embassy complex - in and around Babylon. Why?

It has even been suggested that the time has come for the United Nations and the Vatican to re-locate to this ancient "capital of the world" set in the midst of the "cradle of civilization."

This may seem very slick to Muslims and perhaps many Roman Catholics, but others of Judeo-Christian thought seem to see a deeply sinister aspect to all this. After all, this is the location of the Tower of Babel, where king Nimrod defied the God Yaweh, after which the perpetrators were punished by being scattered in confusion. This is where government, world conquest, taxes, feudalism, social stratification, egoism, and other evil things, all coalesced into imperial form and became an entrenched plague on mankind. Yes, we can rebuild it - but SHOULD we?

This research package contains many original documents, maps, and articles, as well as videos and audio broadcasts of analysis.

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Reviewer: Steveareeno - - January 4, 2015
Subject: Questioning
The article is pretty good and I learned some things. I am interested in actually seeing some pictures of this rebuilding. The article would have much better with the visuals. Also, Is this Babylon the same as what is spoken about in Revelations? Where it will be hailed as the capitol of the world, yet be leveled in a short time ? What would ever possess the U.N. and Rome to ever move there. Surely all know that area is a cesspool of terrorism and hate to all forms of western culture and any government buracracy besides their own. I just don't understand how and why this could happen.
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